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Those of us who taught Evan Oglesby remember him as an athletic, well-spoken and talented student. Those of us who watched him play NFL were proud! Now Evan is bringing home his talents and abilities to improve the lives of students in Habersham County through his after-school program known as    EO'S ENDZONE: With an emphasis on reading and writing skills and daily physical activity, he wants to use the experiences to improve the lives of our Habersham County, beginning with                         Pre_K through eight graders.

Below is how you can help.

Looking for: Staff positions and Director Positions.


Director Position would be in charge of day-to-day operations

Meets daily from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm following the Habersham County Schools calendar

Responsible for preparing to build, setting out supplies, answering parent questions, collecting fees,

facilitating the program, scheduling, and volunteers, and maintaining a quality program.


For the Director's position, a resume is required.

Salaried positions.


Daily volunteers: helping students with their homework in a non-traditional setting one day a week 

OR: leading a reading circle (book club), starting a beginners chorus (keyboard available), guiding an arts or craft group. You get the idea!

Would you like to supervise or work with a games day on Fridays?

3:30--4:30 homework time for all

4:30--5:00 physical activity for all

5:00--6:00 daily "electives"

6:00 pm-- parent pick-up

EO'S ENDZONE, which meets at the Habersham Parks & Rec. Department, begins the first week of January.

Students voluntarily participate. Check your calendars and see where you can squeeze in one hour a week to help get this full grant-supported program off the ground.




Anyone interested please contact Evan Oglesby by phone: 404.969.5334 or email: